• Dog UrnsMemorial Gallery Pets helps you find the perfect urn for your unforgettable friend
  • Cat UrnsMemorial Gallery Pets helps you find the perfect urn for your feline friend
  • Pet 

HeadstonesMemorial Gallery Pets offers pet photo engraved granite headstones
  • Pet Cremation JewelryMemorial Gallery Pets offers personalized pet cremation jewelry
  • Pet print memorial jewelryYour pet's actual paw print made into a keepsake charm
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Dog Urns and Dog Cremation UrnsDog Urns: Lowest Price, Outstanding Selection

Just like people, no two dogs are ever alike. Each and every one has its own unique character. At Memorial Gallery we offer a large selection of dog cremation urns to help you honor the life of your special dog friend. From the humorous to the heart-felt, chances are we have a dog cremation urn that will help you keep the happy memories alive. Looking for a dog cremation urn you don't see in our dog cremation urn selection? Give us a call and we can get it for you at the guaranteed lowest price.


Cat Urns and Cat Cremation UrnsCat Urns: Large Selection, Lowest Price

From the practical and deeply meaningful to the downright wacky and whimsical, we have cat cremation urns that help you honor and remember your special cat friend. Pet urns are known by many names--pet urns, pet cremation urns, dog urns, dog cremation urns, cat urns, cat cremation urns and pet memorials--but they all serve the same purpose: to help us memorialize the lives of the animals who have walked with us, for a time, down the winding path of life.


Pet CasketsPet Caskets: Lots of Choices At the Lowest Prices

Placing your pet in a dignified and thoughtful casket is the final act of love you can show to your pet. Of course, the pet casket you choose will not make your pet more comfortable, but it can be comforting to know that your best friend has been laid to rest in a pet casket befitting your sentiments, your values and your budget. At Memorial Gallery Pets we offer a range of styles, including pet caskets that are completely biodegradable.


Pet JewelryPet Urn Jewelry: Keep the Memory Close

Our pet cremation jewelry, pet memorial jewelry, pet urn jewelry and pet ashes jewelry provide a unique opportunity to take your pet friend with you wherever you go. We offer pet cremation jewelry and pet jewelry made from a number of materials, including precious metal pet urn jewelry, art glass pet cremation jewelry, crystal pet memorial jewelry and wood pet cremation jewelry. Looking for a special piece of pet cremation jewelry you don't see on our site. Give us a call at 253-649-0567. We have a great deal of industry knowledge and chances are we can help you find what you're looking for.


Pet Urn KeepsakesPet Urn Keepsakes: Keep Small Portion of the Ashes

Pet urn keepsakes are smaller than full-size urns designed to hold a portion of the ashes. This enables pet owners to scatter or bury most of the ashes in a well-loved location and keep a small portion in a pet urn keepsake. Others choose to divide the ashes up into multiple keepsake urns and give them to family members and friends so everyone can honor the life and share the memory.

Biodegradable Pet UrnsBiodegradable Pet Urns: The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Increasingly, pet owners around the world are seeking pet biodegradable urns and biodegradable pet urns to honor the memory of their loving pets in a way that also respects our delicate eco system. At Memorial Gallery Pets, we offer the webs largest selection of biodegradable pet urns and pet biodegradable urns. Constructed from eco-sensitive materials such as tree barks, water soluble clay and recycled paper, these biodegradable pet urns and pet biodegradable urns provide a beautiful focal point for the ceremony, then they break down over time when exposed to the elements.



It Is Our Honor To Serve Your Family
The death of a well-loved pet is an emotionally difficult life event. The responsibility to help families through this emotional time is something our family takes very seriously. For us, this is not just a business, it's an opportunity to make a difference in our communities. We will do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations. From order placement to fulfillment, your complete satisfaction is our goal. Feel free to call us any time at 253-649-0567. Or email us at