About Memorial Gallery Pets

There's a special connection between people and their pets. Its more than can be explained by a soft coat of fur and an amiable temperament. There's a bond, unspoken, yet undeniable.

At Memorial Gallery Pets, we think a pet urn ought to be more than a reminder of the passing of your special furry friend. It should be a reminder of the special bond that you have shared together, a bond that remains unbroken, even in death.

Sherman (the Schnauzer): June 1990 to August 2006And that's exactly why we've searched long and hard to bring you a collection of pet urns, cat urns, dog urns, biodegradable pet urns and pet cremation jewelry that are thoughtful, sometimes whimsical, and always inspirational.

*This site is lovingly dedicated to Sherman the schnauzer (pictured at left), our constant and loyal friend for over sixteen years. His passion for barking, roaming and eating was second only to his desire to simply be with us, wherever our adventures led. From his home yard in North Seattle, to the open roads of North America, to the open ocean of the Caribbean he was our constant companion. See you on the other side, our scruffy little friend.

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