Q: What type of cremation urn do I need?

A: The answer to this question depends of what you intend to do with the ashes. Basically, there are four options:


1. Keep all of the ashes in a single cremation urn. Most of the urns we sell are large enough to contain all of the ashes of a body that weighed up to 200 lbs. Some selections are large enough to hold up to 400 lbs. 

2. Share some of the ashes with family or friends. Many families purchase a full-size cremation urn, but choose to pass along some of the ashes to family and friends in multiple smaller "keepsake urns" or "cremation jewelry." 

3. Scatter some or all ashes in a favorite place. Another option is scattering some or all of the ashes in their loved one's favorite place. We sell specialized scattering urns designed for dignified and convenient transport and scattering of ashes. 

4. Perform a biodegradable burial on land or water. An environmentally friendly alternative: biodegradable urns are created using natural materials including paper, natural clays, wood and water-soluble non-toxic paints. They are environmentally friendly and or decompose naturally. Some are designed to break down slowly over time when placed into the earth. Other earth urns or burial at sea urns are designed to dissolve in minutes when placed into a body of water.


Q: What size cremation urn do I need?

A: It depends upon what you intend to do with the ashes. The cremated remains are composed of calcium and have the consistency of coarse beach sand. Each pound of body weight will translate into approximately one cubic inch of cremated remains, so a 175 pound dog would do well in a 200-cubic-inch urn. Smaller pets would fit smaller urns depending on the weight vs cubic inch capacity. However, if you like a large urn and your pet is small, you could use the urn to house the ashes plus mementos such as a collar, id tags or a small favorite toy. Large urns could also be used as companion urns- urns for two besties that wish to rest together. If you choose to scatter ashes, but keep a bit for memorialization, you might choose a keepsake urn, which can be any size you prefer.


Q: I need my urn in just a few days. Can you ship right away?

A: Some of the cremation urns we offer are available for immediate shipping. Each individual product listing will state if the item is available for immediate shipment or else a leadtime until shipment. You may also call us at 253-649-0567 or email at  service@memorialgallerypets.com  to find out if the cremation urn is available immediately. The labor intensive process necessary to create these works of funerary art are not conducive to rapid production and some require one or two weeks, or more, of dedicated time to create. 


Q: How do I get the ashes into the cremation urn?

A: Your pet loss provider can provide this service for you, usually for a nominal fee. If you'd like we can ship the urn directly to the pet loss provider or we can ship directly to you and you can pass it along to the pet loss provider.

Q: Where can cremation jewelry and urns be shipped?

A: We ship cremation jewelry and cremation urns all over the world. All of our cremation urns are available for international shipping. We regularly ship cremation jewelry, cremation urns and biodegradable urns to Canada, the UK and elsewhere at the rates UPS, USPS & Fed ex charge. We are not responsible for any customs or duties fees imposed. Any of our cremation urns can be shipped to you or the pet loss provider where the ashes are then transferred into the cremation urn or cremation jewelry. Because we ship cremation urns and cremation jewelry all over the United States, Canada, and across the Atlantic, we have very low shipping rates and pass that onto you. If you order an item which requires you to mail the ashes to an artists, as is the case with our memory pendants or memory glass, we ship a collection kit to you. Our vendors reserve the right to select the shipping vendor of their choice.


Q: What is the cost to ship cremation jewelry internationally?

A: Use the shipping calculator in shopping cart to generate shipping quote.


Q: How do I collect and submit nose or paw prints or a photo?

A:High resolution digital photos work best. Take a photo of the nose or paw making sure there is good lighting and sharp focus. Fill frame without cutting off subject for maximum resolution. A good focused image will show sharp detail of ridges.
Photos- submit high resolution digital files for best reproduction- blurry, underexposed images will not result in the best reproduction.
Submit your print file in JPG format by using the upload feature of the desired product or email to 
service@memorialgallerypets.com  with Order Number included.


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