Living Pet Urn: Grow a Tree in Memory of Your Pet

Living Pet Urn Grow a Tree in Memory of Your Pet
Living Pet Urn Grow a Tree in Memory of Your PetLiving Pet Urn detail of a seedlingLiving Pet Urn: Grow a Tree in Memory of Your Pet diagram

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We received our engraved urn today and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for the quality of the items and the service you provide. They are a comfort during a very difficult time. Chris Morse, Columbia, SC (Red Brass Paw Print Pet Cremation Urn) - August 22, 2012

Thanks for your help My order arrived here this morning, and I’m certain my wife will love this new ring. She will now be able to carry her Brucey with her forever. Thanks again Mark (Pet Cremation Jewelry: Sterling Silver Round Ring; engraved name + pawprint) - August 21, 2012

Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate how quickly you shipped the beautiful urn for my special kitty who died. It is absolutely beautiful, and I will recommend you to the veterinary clinic that cares for my pets. The urn is everything I had hoped for. Thanks again. Bev ("Always My Kitty" Cat Cremation Urn: Walnut) - August 09, 2012

Thank you. I did receive the urn. Very timely. And the urn is very beautiful and much appreciated. (Pet Urn: Topton Series Urn; Cherry; Engraved) - August 02, 2012

My family and I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful service, both speedy and very accurate. The urn looks wonderful and will always be prominently displayed. We go tomorrow morning to the vet with our Bosco and having the urn will not only save a second (and painful) trip, but will allow us to put some final closure on 11 years of love, loyalty and affection. While I hope that we never have to use you again, I know the time will come again and we will contact you. Our best wishes to your entire organization and heartfelt thanks. Tim (Pet Urn: Large Redwood Urn with Laser Engraving) - July 27, 2012

I received the piece and just wanted to email you that we are thoroughly happy with the entire process from the communication to the virtual proof, to the way the piece was packaged. The actual piece was excellent! Very well done. Thanks so much. Rick (Granite Photo Pet Grave Marker - 2" thick) - July 25, 2012

Dear Staff at Memorial Gallery Pets! Today we received the replacement dog urn as you sent to us. It was very well wrapped and in good condition. And it was very nice! We like it very much and we want to thank you for helping us and for your kindness when we made a phone call. Now we are going to engrave it and then fill it up with the ashes from our dead dog so he finally will come home and get a rest. Best regards Mr & Mrs Walldén from Sweden (Dog Urns: Blue with Brass Pawprint; 10") - July 19, 2012

I wanted to say thank you very much for the beautiful work you did on my sweet dog Brownie's urn. Not a pleasant time for me I am sure you can imagine but this helped. I have the urn sitting on a table above a copper color frame that matches the urn. Thank you again for making this time a little easier. Kimberly Glendale, AZ - July 16, 2012

Thank you so much. Miss Kodi is now back home and on the hearth of the fireplace along with her two favorite toys, a framed memorial from the vet which contained her footprint and a framed memorial with a tuft of her fur from the folks that cremated her and I was able to get the purple satin pouch thru hole in the urn. The urn looks so much like her, it's just like having her here. The vet provided her paw print and the crematory provided the snip of her fur. She has her two favorite babies and a chewy chicken bone also her fav. Many thanks again for the beautiful work. Beth and Bob (Sleeping Angel Dog Cremation Urn - Black) - June 26, 2012

Hi Allison- Just a quick message to say urn has arrived, A fitting tribute to a wonderful dog, I will recommend service to friends and family. David (Pet Urns: Samoyed - Laying) - June 26, 2012

I received the item in excellent conditions. Thanks for prompt response. It is really beautiful. Carmen (Partial Cat Urn: Felinicity) - June 25, 2012

Dear Allison, Thank you so much for your email and condolences. Thank you also for running a wonderful business. The most horrible part with losing a cat so suddenly, whether by accident or illness, is finding yourself having to in the midst of your grief discuss end-of-life arrangements for a baby that you had in your arms far too little time ago who was purring and content. In the first few days after such a loss, even looking at a website like yours is out of the question, but once reality sinks in, it actually gave me tremendous solace and comfort to look through everything and invest time into finding the best possible way to show how important a cat that was loved so much in life was to us. Best, Lynn (Sleeping Angel Cat Cremation Urn - Bronze, Pet Memorial Portrait- Graphite Pencil Sketch, Photo Laser Engraved Peaceful Heart Pet Cremation Jewelry) - June 13, 2012

I received the urn today (Monday, June 11, 2012). It was absolutely beautiful and the tag was perfect. Thank you so much. Miss Kodi is now back home and on the hearth of the fireplace along with her two favorite toys, a framed memorial from the vet which contained her footprint and a framed memorial with a tuft of her fur from the folks that cremated her and I was able to get the purple satin pouch thru hole in the urn. Thank you so much again. Best Regards, Beth and Bob (Sleeping Angel Dog Cremation Urn - Black) - June 11, 2012

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the urn is! It looks just like her and so sweet. Thank you so much! It means alot to me! I want to order her sister one but she is still alive and I wouldn't have the date for it yet so I hope you continue selling these custom urns. If you ever stop, please let me know so I can get one. Thanks (Sleeping Angel Dog Cremation Urn: Custom Painted) - June 02, 2012

Dear Brenna, I just wanted to let you know that we received Ted’s cremation box yesterday. The timing was perfect since I picked up his ashes yesterday too. Faith and I are so very thankful for your work on this project. The box and marble insert with Teddy’s image and text is perfect. We both shed a few tears from seeing it. We now have him in a place of honor in our bedroom along with two of our other boys who are no longer with us. Thank you again. You are wonderful!! Affectionately, Jeffrey and Faith (Red Piano Finish Mahogany Photo Pet Urn Box with Tile) - June 02, 2012

Dear Memorial Gallery Pets, You have a beautiful selection of products. Of course one in particular hit home in our hearts. We had a few question and left a message by telephone. We were promptly called the next day to insure we had all the information we needed to make this transition as easy as possible with the warmest reassurances and sincere condolences. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. We are telling everyone we know of your kindness and great products. Sincerely, The Walsh Family - April 29, 2012

Dear Allison: I received the urn and am very happy with the product. It is beautifully constructed. It is a suitable urn for my little angel. Just as a note, and in case others order and my want info on the item: I was a little disappointed that the "shelf" was not as deep as it seemed in the photo. The photo is a bit deceiving showing the dog collar as it is. It must be one small dog collar! In case anyone asks about the item, the depth of the shelf is only about a 1/2 inch (if that). The dimensions, I guess, were outside dimensions because I had measured the small tin his cremains had come in orginally and then chose the size I thought it would fit in, thinking they were inside dimensions. The cremains only fit, if I removed them from the tin they came in, took out the bag of cremains and put them in the velvet pouch they'd also come with. So, I think the measurements are for the outside and not the inside. Allison, again, it is a beautiful urn and, overall, very pleased. It's perfect for what I want to do artistically to it. Again, you and the team are awesome. I cannot say enough about your service. I will definitely recommend you and your company to others who may find them self in need of such an item. Blessings, Cyndi (Medium Wooden Dog Urn With Photo and Shelf) - April 27, 2012

I received my pet urn yesterday with the black Doberman "stretching." We actually thought it looked like our dog when he was getting down to play as he did right up until the time that he suddenly collapsed of a massive heart attack. When I found your site, this box and figurine looked perfect to memorialize our dog and I ordered it engraved with his name as well. It was far more spectacular than I even expected. The figurine is so well-made and life-like that it brought tears to my eyes. The walnut wood is beautiful and the engraving is perfect. Thank you so much for making this difficult time a little easier with your special tribute. I have told all my friends on Facebook about your company. Lisa (Pet Urns: Doberman, Black - Stretching) - April 27, 2012

Hi Brenna, Just wanted to let you know that I received Lexi's stone and it is just beautiful It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. Susan (Granite Photo Pet Grave Marker 1" Thick) - April 26, 2012
Memorial Gallery Pets- I recieved my Heart Pendant yesterday and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. You do very good work, and I just wanted to send you a quick email to show my appreciation. Thank You. Kent (Engraved Gold-plated Heart Pendant with chain) - April 12, 2012

Just want to say Thank you! I received my neckace last night...its gorgeous...i have already posted it on Facebook and had requests for your website from others who want to memorialize their pet...thank you again..the heart is beautiful. It actually made me cry when i opened it and i'm sure you will be getting more orders from my FB friends. xoxoxoxo - Cathy (Wood Heart with Paw Print Pet Cremation Jewelry Pendant) March 27, 2012

I just received my sculptured white cat urn and it is so beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw the incredible pearl finish on the urn. My Gadget will be in a beautiful resting place on my fireplace with his two other companions. Thank you so much for giving my baby boy such a wonderful place to stay. - Danny Kofoed (White Cat Urn) March 25, 2012

Allison, I have received it and want to thank you so much for the follow up. The necklace you sent is beautiful and although it is for an unfortunate circumstance, the meaning behind it is special...our cat will be not only in our memory, but close to her heart as well. Thanks again, your interaction with this transaction was superb and in this day and age, incredible customer service and employees is hard to come by and you have exceeded expectations. Jere (Teardrop Ribbon Heart Pet Cremation Jewelry) - March 19, 2012

I have just received the cat urn and I wanted to say thank you very much! I didn't have to pay extra costs and received the urn in excellent state! It's beautiful. Thanks again, Berber (Sleeping Cat Angel- Copper urn) March 07, 2012

Just received my urn today and am very, very pleased with it. It is beautiful!!! Thanks you so much for your great service and amazingly fast shipping!! It is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!! Sincerely Lynn Reading (Paw Prints On Our Hearts, Large Size) February 16, 2012

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Product Options

Seedling Options:

Living Pet Urn: Grow a Tree in Memory of Your Pet

Create a special place to honor your best friend with the Living Pet Urn grow system that allows you to grow a memorial tree or your choice of plant or flower. 

  •  Biodegradable Urn - is all natural and hand-made from recycled plant materials.  Its unique properties are ideal for healthy tree and plant growth.  The eco-friendly production process involves only wetting and drying with pressure - no gluing, no chemicals, no machinery - resulting in a very small carbon footprint.
  • Ash Neutralizing Agent - this proprietary agent serves to offset elevated pH levels and dilute high sodium concentrations present in cremated remains so a beautiful and healthy memory tree can grow from the remains of a loved one.
  • Premium Growth Mix - this special mix is combined with soil and provides key nutrients that will promote the growth of a vibrant, healthy tree from cremated remains
  • Aged Wood Chips - place these around the base of the tree seedling to help the surrounding soil retain water and remain moist.  They'll save water and help create an environment where a tree can thrive.
  • Natural Bamboo Container - this beautiful handmade shell serves as an eco-friendly shipping container.  Use it as an attractive urn cover for transporting and storing the urn while you wait for your seedling to arrive in the mail. Made entirely from bamboo, a sustainable resource, this lovely container can be re-used for all kinds of purposes after you plant your Living Urn
  • Optional Premium Tree Seedlings (can receive a premium Pine, Spruce, or Cypress tree if chosen at checkout) - while other product options may provide a tree seed with their urn, this method can be complicated and cumbersome. Moreover, seed germination can be a challenge and have a high failure rate. We feel strongly that successful tree growth is of paramount importance, and that our loved ones deserve the very best. For this reason we take great pride that we provide only premium seedlings, or baby trees, which arrive at your doorstep ready to be planted and grow successfully with the Living Urn! You may choose to supply your own plant, flower or tree by selecting "no seedling" and visiting your local nursery.
  •  Planting Instructions - our planting instructions were developed by leading arborists and soil scientists to help ensure a healthy tree or plant grows from The Living Urn! 
Planting Instructions: 


  1. Select a sunny location, at least 4 to 5 feet away from any structure 
  2. Remove all weeds and grass from a 3 foot circle around the site 
  3. Dig a circular shaped hole approximately 12.5 inches deep and about 12 inches wide; Place the biodegradable urn (not the bamboo cylinder) in the hole to test the depth and make sure the top rim of the urn (with the lid off) is slightly below ground level (1/2 inch or less; If not, dig deeper or add dirt back in the hole until urn is at the proper level; 
  4. Leave the biodegradable urn in the hole with the lid off Place your loved one's Cremated Remains inside The Living Urn (if the remains are already in the urn, please skip this step) 
  5. Pour in the entire bag of The Living Urn Ash Neutralizing Mix on top of cremated remains Pour the entire bag of The Living Urn Premium Growth Mix into a large bucket; 
  6. Next, add into the bucket about the same amount of top soil from the hole you dug to make an approx. 50:50 mix; Mix the Premium Growth Mix and the soil together thoroughly 
  7. Remove all packaging from the Evergreen Tree Seedling; Lower the tree seedling into the urn so that the top of the root plug (where the root starts and the "baby tree trunk" ends) is just below ground level; Next, scoop the 50/50 mix from the bucket into the urn and around the roots so that it fills the remaining space in the urn; Lightly press the soil mix down around the root plug until it is level with the top of the urn 
  8. Scoop the leftover top soil dug up from the hole back into the space around the outside of the urn; At this point the urn should be buried in the ground and the top of the urn flush with the ground level 
  9. Lightly water the tree Add The Living Urn Aged Wood Chips around the base of the tree 
  10. Water when dry every week or two during the first year
  *If you receive your seedling in the mid-winter or summer months, we recommend that you store the ashes of your beloved pet and temporarily plant your seedling indoors until the spring or fall when growing conditions are more favorable. To store the ashes, we suggest that you place the ashes in The Living Urn and then place the urn in the bamboo cylinder container for safe keeping until you are ready to plant the entire system outdoors. To temporarily plant your seedling indoors, place your seedling in a 1 gallon pot filled with potting mix (a minimum of 6-7 inches deep will be sufficient for a few months of growth). Pots should have a drainage hole in the bottom and a small layer of gravel or stones at the bottom. Use professional grade, soil-less, medium potting mix.  Plant your seedling so the top of the root plug (roots combined with soil) is about a half inch below the soil line. Give the soil a thorough soaking after planting. Water whenever the soil is slightly dry to the touch on top.  Avoid short, frequent watering. When the spring or fall arrives, transplant your seedling outdoors and into The Living Urn by following the instructions above.

 Shipping: The Living Urn for Pets Biodegradable Urn and Planting System is shipped separately from the tree seedling which is shipped directly from our nursery and will arrive to the customer in 3-10 days from time of order.


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