Pet Cremation Urn Memorial Trees

Pet Cremation Urn Memorial Tree

Each Pet Cremation Urn Memorial Tree contains an unique mix that aids in the release of beneficial plant nutrients, which are found in cremated ashes. By themselves, ashes are harmful to plants’ health and well-being. However, by planting our specially created urn with your loved one’s cremated ashes, you cultivate a mixture that nourishes and sustains your memorial tree. The biodegradable urn will breakdown overtime when exposed to the elements. The top of the urn is a sealed bio chamber that, once buried, absorbs moisture from rain and then the mixture inside expands to cover the cremated remains neutralizing the pH, thus allowing the tree seeds of your choice to grow into a living memorial tribute.

Q: Are there any reasons that maybe a community could raise an objection that might prevent the family from doing this (where they normally could plant a tree)? 

A: In all the U.S., the cremated remains of people and pets are deemed to hold no health hazards to the public. Check with your state to see if you need to obtain permission or permit to release your cremated remains on personal property.

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