Pet Noseprint/Pawprint Jewelry

At Memorial Gallery Pets we offer several styles of pet print memorial jewelry. Choose between sterling silver or stainless steel designs. Our precious metal charms have your pet's noseprint or pawprint etched into the metal surface creating a 3 dimensional mark. Or choose between ash holding pendants or non-ash holding pendants. Ash holding pet print pendants are designed with a small chamber inside to hold a tiny portion of the ashes while non-ash holding pet print pendants are a simple, flat charm design.

pet paw print and nose print ash holding pendants  non-ash holding pet print jewelry
 Ash-holding Pet Print Jewelry  Non-ash Holding Pet Print Jewelry
Ash-holding Pet Print Jewelry has a 
small concealed compartment that 
holds your loved one's precious ashes.
Non-ash Holding Pet Print Jewelry does not 
hold ashes, but is a flat charm with 
your loved one's print to wear close to your heart.