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It Is Our Honor To Serve Your Family paw prints

People and their pets are linked together in a bond that in many ways is stronger than the bonds that humans share with one another. And when we lose a furry family member--be it by accident, illness or old age--we deeply mourn the loss. No pet companion can really ever be replaced. But we can honor their life and cherish the memory with amazing inspirational pet memorials.

Memorial Gallery is a family-owned business created to help people find memorials as special and unique as their pet. From granite pet grave markers to pet cremation jewelry or ashes in glass artist made memorial jewelry pieces, we offer a pet memorial to honor every pet and every budget.

In addition to our must-see collections of both traditional and innovative memorials, we also offer the industry’s best personalization capabilities. Our advanced, computer-driven rotary and laser systems enable us to precision etch a photo of your pet onto the surface of a wood pet urn or a granite pet grave marker. We can even cut a high-resolution, 3D image of your pet’s paw print or nose print deep into the surface of a beautiful sterling silver cremation jewelry pendant. We do it all in-house with our own one-of-a-kind technology and our own proprietary processes.

- Brad and Michelle Bailey, Founders, Memorial Gallery,
a Bailey&Bailey family owned and managed company